Start your thread and tie in some EP fibers.

Add a couple strands of krystal flash.

Add a small clump of Ice Dub on top and bottom and sweep it back.

Build a dubbing loop with the Ice Dub and wrap it forward. 

Not necessary but I like to add 2-3 wraps of medium palmer chenille the stiffer material helps keep the profile of the head. You can use red to make it look like gills too.

Add another clump of Ice Dub on top and bottom. Whip finish and brush the fly out really good.

Brushed out and swept back. I use a grey prisma marker on the top of the fly.

Glue on the eyes.

Sweep the materials around the head back and add some Loon Flow to keep it there. Once you get the profile you like cure it with the light.

Another simple pattern with just a few materials. The fly real comes to life once it's wet. I'm ready to throw it at some whites & hybrids this spring.