Tyer: Matus Sobolic

Location: Pasadena, CA

Fly: Truffle Butter

Instagram: @Calicarpin

Truffle Butter
Hook: Gamakatsu SL45 Bonefish Black size 8
Thread: orange 6/0
Tail: red deer hair with tips dyed black
Antenna: 15lb red amnesia melted to create a small ball at the tip
Collar: hare's Ice dub in brown orange
Eyes: medium black bead chain
Wings: small Ep fiber clumps in both bronze and sulphur alternating

The concept for this fly came about completely by accident. I forgot that the day before I had been fishing the local southern California surf for Corbina and when I reached into my backpack realized that I didn't have any carp flies and only had my surf fly box. After quickly scanning through the selection I picked a smaller orange on white Surfin Merkin thinking there was no way the fish would eat this thing and much to my amazement it ended up working on a handfull of fish that day. That night I sat down at the vise and using some more natural looking colors came up with the Truffle Butter a hybrid somewhere between a crayfish a large nymph of some sort and a sandcrab pattern. The truffle butter can be fished in both still and moving water. Because of the EP Fiber wings it actually slows the fly down and causes it to flutter slightly when dipping at still water carp and simultaneously will not spook them by falling too quickly.