Looper's Spineless Minnow

Material: Gamakatsu B10s sz.2, Fish Skull's articulated shank 20mm, Fish Skull Chocklett's Body Tubing 1/4 inch, Marabou, UTC 140, Krsytal Flash, 5/16 eyes, Sanyo' Laser Dub Red, Flat Diamond Braid


Attach the thread.

Tie the marabou.

Add the Krystal flash to the tail and wrap the diamond braid forward and tie off.

Tie in the body tubing. I measure off a piece about 1.5X the hook skank. Whip finish or glue off the thread.

Fold the tubing over it's self and reattach your thread. Finish off with a whip finish and some UV.

Add the 20mm Shank.

Dub a big ball of Sanyo's to cover the shank, leave room for the head.

Tie in another piece of tubing. About the same size as the one for the body.

Fold it over itself and tie off.

Roll it back over itself again forming the head.

Glue on the eyes and you're done. I like to coat the eyes with some Loon Flow or similar.