Tyer: Sam Stone

LOCATION: Alpharetta, GA

FLY: Krazy Kraw



Hook: Partridge Attitude Extra #2

Eyes: Allen Fly Fishing 4.8mm Black Nickel Brass Eyes

Thread: UTC 140 Denier Dark Brown

Tail: 1/4" Dark Olive Rabbit Zonker (cut from hide)

Body: Firey Brown Angora Goat Dub

Legs: Barred and Speckled Crazy Legs Pumpkin

Hackle: India Hen Back Olive


1. Start by de-barbing the hook and secure the hook in the vise. Start the thread on hook shank and make a good thread base. Tie in eyes 1 1/2 to 2 eye lengths from the eye of the hook

2. Wrap your thread to the middle of the hook and tie in the tail just a tad longer than the shank length. Make sure you cut the zonker strip off the hide and make the hair even. 

3. Once the tail is secure, wrap a generous amount of angora goat dub on the thread and dub the body to the back of the eyes leaving a tad bit of room for the legs, hackle, and then more dubbing around the eyes. 

4. Take a dubbing brush and brush out the dubbing to make it look more buggy. This is optional but it's good to do.

5. Take a single rubber leg, fold it in half, and cut it. Use both halves and tie them on the side of the shank of the hook just behind the eyes. Do the same for the other side.

6. Take a single piece of hackle and preen the fibers back exposing the tip of the hackle. Tie the hackle in behind the eyes and make 4 or 5 turns or until you get to the thicker stem of the hackle. Tie off hackle and snip excess off.

7. Create a dubbing loop with your thread about 3" to 4" in length and take some dubbing wax and wax your thread. Load the dubbing loop with sparse clumps of angora goat dub evenly spreading it throughout the loop. 

8. Twist the dubbing loop about a dozen times or so or until the dubbing is secure. You don't want it too tight or the dubbing will make the thread too thick to go around the eyes several times. 

9. Start wrapping the dubbing behind the eyes 2 times and then start making figure 8 wraps around the eyes until they are well dubbed. Wrap the excess dubbing around the shank in front of the eyes. It's okay if there is a bit of dubbing left. Secure the end of the dubbing loop with your thread and snip off any excess thread.

10. Do a 3 turn whip finish 2 or 3 times to ensure the thread does not come loose.