Attach the thread and tie in 6-8 strands of flash.

Add a small clump of bucktail. 

Tie in a saddle feather on each side of the fly.

Add another small clump of bucktail.

Tie in 2 more saddle feathers on each side of the fly.

Add some palmer chenille work it forward 3-4 turns. 

Another clump of bucktail but tie this on in reverse, hollow-fleye style. 

Jim uses a EP brush here, I didn't have one so this is EP Fibers trimmed to about 3cm with a little wing flash spun up into a brush.

Wrap the brush forward and sweep back the fibers as you go.

Add the Tulip Diamond Glitter and work in back with a tooth pick to form the head. This stuff is a little messy and takes a while to dry. You can add the eyes now. I like to wait until it sets up and use super glue and some Loon Flow to secure them.

This is after it's dried for a few hours. The head built out of the fabric paint lets the fly keep it's shape, pushes water and gives it a little more kick on the strip.