Tyer: Glenn Ueda

Location: Huntington Beach, CA

Fly: Loco Moco

Instagram: @ OKIPLUG

Material: Gamakatsu SL45 #6, UTC 140 Rusty brown, Mediun brass eyes, Tan grizzly hackle, Cactus root beer chenille medium, 1/8" "hole punched" creatology sheet foam threaded onto double UTC 140 thread for the tail.

Tiers Notes: Though representing nothing specific, this pattern nonetheless seeks to utilize a number of carp attracting triggers including contrast, silhouette, flash, and movement. Its splashy brass eyes and chenille show up especially well in low light and murky conditions, while it's egg yolk yellow and gravy brown foam tail and grizzly hackle may suggest a clam snorkel and shell. from chocolate milk-like to relatively clear, from virtually still runs to fast-moving shallow rifles, this attractor pattern was designed to be fished in a variety of conditions. It is comfortable with the basic "drag and drop" technique while pursuing targets feeding or holding neutral in current or when casting to actively searching fish cruising in pools or on flats. Placing the fly 10-20' ahead with a longer soft landing open loop cast may allow cautious feeder to slowly approach and eat the settled fly and as it sits with it's foam tail waving enticingly above the bottom. Tip in the water to feel rubbery pressure bites, a very short trip can encourage a take as well. This fly also has the sink rate to punch into holes in weed beds, tree tops or tule pockets where aggressive eats occur with a vertical presentation. Employing this method accounted for my largest, in this my first carp season, a brute a few short of twenty pounds. Fly tying is all about creativity, refinement, and experimentation. Downsizing the eyes and adding a weed guard will allow this fly to be crawled enticingly slow above submerged weed beds. Breaking from tradition and caring retrieves can help as well. Perhaps the most exciting grab, they will at times chase down the fly as it wobbles past on a downstream swing. After an orange-tan-white color way with black brass eyes a solid second choice when subtlety is required, however, you should experiment to determine which size, colors and weighting works best on your home waters.