Tyer: Robert Upshall

Location: Orangeville, ON

Fly: Burrowing Tree Rat

Hook: #1 - Owner Wacky Hook, Camo Green (model no. 5162P-106)

Thread: 6/0 - UNI-Thread, Rust Brown

Claws: Squirrel Tail, Natural Fox

Antennae: Wapsi Sili Legs, Perfectly Barred Brown

Eyes: 5/32"(small) - Superfly Hourglass Eyes, Black Nickel

Bead: 5/32" - Round Tungsten Bead, Black

Body: Hare's Ear Plus  Dubbin, Rusty Orange


My carp'n grounds are heavy with crawfish forage so crawfish patterns are a must.  This fly is my attempt to mimic a crawfish with it's claws in defensive position while being partially burrowed under a rock.  This pattern steals the eye/bead positioning from McTage's Trouser Worm and combines it with the squirrel tail claws I use on many of my crawfish patterns.  It is a little heavy but it can easily be tied lighter by switching out nickel eyes for bead chain and switching the tungsten bead out for brass.